What 16% of your friends already know…

Current essential oil users are considered the innovators and early adopters (the first 16% of the population). They are the ones who wanted to try something new. The ones who listened to their intuition and knew that there was a better way to manage their health needs before all the research showed up. (The research is here by the way, and continuing to be published daily). The next wave will be the early majority.

Under the influence of dōTERRA essential oils, we are already experiencing HUGE shifts in the healthcare system. Due to dōTERRA’s uncompromised quality standards, clinical research is being performed using their essential oils for a variety of healthcare topics (check out aromaticscience.com to find hundreds of published studies in a variety of categories). All around the globe, doctors, nurses, health care practitioners and entire hospitals are using essential oils in their practices. 

Patients are arming themselves with knowledge, asking great questions and advocating for themselves. Doctors (and other healthcare practitioners) are listening more and gathering patient input before coming up with treatment plans. 

DōTERRA has introduced a new model of health care using integrative (conventional + holistic) medicine in their private clinics and including essential oils in their treatment protocols. Five clinics are now open in the United States, and many more on the way. You can learn more about this initiative at Prime Meridian health clinics (https://pmhclinics.com).

Are you part of this first wave of essential oil users? If you haven’t tried them yet, this is a great time to get started. Essential oils can be supportive for a variety of health conditions to relieve symptoms and support the body on a cellular level. I am here to help you with natural healing for your pain, digestive issues, anxiety/depression, hormone imbalance, immune challenges, sleep issues, and anything else you can think of. I’ll teach you the best ways to incorporate them into your lifestyle.

Book a Lifestyle Overview with me and we’ll find the best solutions to match your lifestyle and budget. Can’t wait to hear from you!16487772_10101030274389865_2033658375196421458_o


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