The unexpected benefits of building a dōTERRA business

When this whole thing started just over a year ago, all I wanted to do was share my love for these beautiful oils because they had helped me (and my family) with pain relief, immunity boosting, and emotional support. Before oils, I was open to anything natural that could help my family and honestly hated the ideas of medicating my babies with chemicals, synthetics, and sugars. The first essential oils intro class that I went to blew my mind! I found out that I could naturally support my family through so many things with these versatile gifts. I invested in a Home Essentials kit (despite being on maternity leave) so that I would have the tools I needed to naturally support my family. Best. Decision. EVER!

When my enroller (and now dear friend) invited me to a business meeting, I was intrigued and it was an excuse to get out of the house! (I had a newborn at the time and was feeling stuck and trapped at home). At that small meeting, the women were so welcoming and they talked about the beautiful things that the company was doing, and the changes they were experiencing using oils in their homes. I never intended to build a business (I had a lot of hang ups around network marketing because I’d been approached by people in other companies before that had never aligned with my values) but it had fallen into place so perfectly that I couldn’t resist finding out more about it.

In building this business, I knew that: a) I could get my oils paid for (which was pretty important considering I was on a limited budget), and b) it would give me something to focus on besides “momming”. I could essentially start my own business with a relatively small investment (I just bought oils which were then considered a tax write-off) and I could do it on my own time!

What I didn’t know is that it would afford me the opportunity to quit my current job, give me more quality time with my children, and grow into a better person. Let me dive into these additional benefits a little further…

Improved Health

You might think that would have been one of the driving factors in using the oils, BUT I really just wanted natural solutions for pain and illness. When I started using the oils and supplements consistently, I realized that many changes had happened. My mood had improved and I got in tune with what I was feeling so that I could use the best oils to support me. My energy level increased and I became way more active. I started sleeping more soundly and feeling more rested. I was honestly a bit skeptical that the oils would work as well as my educators had told me, but I kept having positive experience after positive experience with the oils. As I used them more consistently, they ultimately made me healthier. My husband can attest to this too, for him, using certain oils consistently makes a world of difference in his overall health.

Personal Development

Someone once told me that dōTERRA was a personal development program wrapped up in an awesome compensation plan. I had no idea how much growth I’d experience as a person by starting to do this. I was a really shy kid and totally afraid of the camera. When someone first suggested I do a FB live, I froze up at the thought and wanted to throw up. A year later, I am so much more confident on camera, and it’s easy talking about something that you’re passionate about! I started listening to podcasts and watching awesome videos instead of watching TV, which is almost never on in our house anymore. I’m becoming more conscious of my negative thought patterns and letting go of any expectations. I’m more at peace and have way more room for happiness!


I can’t even count how many awesome people I have met at classes, meetings and events. Upline, downline, crossline, or completely unrelated, I am constantly making friends with beautiful people. My business partners have become some of my best friends and I talk to them on the daily! Don’t worry old friends, you’re still in my crew, our circle is just expanding!


This relates to my smaller oiling community and larger dōTERRA family! This company attracts heartled, passionate people and every event feels welcoming, friendly, and incredibly empowering! Our smaller community feels like family, we connect by supporting each other through educational resources and we love getting together to make things too.


dōTERRA as a company does an amazing job at partnering with farmers and distillers in the communities where the oils are sourced. Check out for some amazing stories! dōTERRA is committed to caring for future generations by ensuring that the products they source are sustainable and that their sourcing partners needs are met. I’ll be caring for my future generation (kids) by creating a passive income and by continuing to gain the skills to run a successful business. I am also sharing my knowledge and helping others to support themselves and their families with these beautiful oils. My heart has opened up so much more than I could have imagined and I am truly grateful that I get to connect with and care for so many people!

Quitting my job

I did not think that I would be quitting a job that I loved and trained hard for. I actually wrote my professional designation exam on my last maternity leave thinking that I was going to pursue the next stage in that career. However, when I found a couple of amazing business partners, I realized that this was the path I was supposed to be on. I was helping people to support their families health and leading others to pursue new paths. This path was also leading me to my next point…

Quality time

Having quality time with my kids and husband is so important and that was missing when I was working full-time. With a 1.5 hour commute each day with the kids in the car, there wasn’t much room for play together. We have that now, every day (heart).


Building a dōTERRA business is what I’m being called to do right now. I’m so happy that I followed my curiosity and my heart.

If you are curious about this business, I would love to support you on this journey! This business is truly transformational and we have the tools to ensure that you succeed. It can be done on your own time, on your own terms, in your own unique way. There is space for everyone in this business. Connect with me by filling out the form below and we can set up a time to discuss this opportunity.

If you are curious about the oils, I am ready to teach you! Fill out your contact info below to book a wellness consult to review your health goals and I’ll provide recommendations to help you achieve them.

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