Giving the gift of health… for the whole family

I’m pretty sure everyone in my family knows that they’ll be getting spOILed this Christmas! You can easily make your own oily gifts (bath salts, lip balms, linen sprays and more!). If you’re strapped for time (who isn’t?!), dōTERRA has so many products that are perfect holiday gifts for your loved ones! Here come som1512194414931.JPEGe recommendations…

For Mom (or Aunt or Sister):

Pamper this woman! She’s been working tirelessly and deserves a break! She will love any of the Emotional Aromatherapy touch rollers to carry around with her. My favourites are Motivate and Passion! She would love a new Lumo diffuser too. It’s compact, beautiful and runs for up to 10 hours. For her stocking, the Spa line has a ton of options to make her feel beautiful right at home. And my personal favourite: the Yoga Collection! You don’t have to be a yogi to appreciate these beautiful oils. Anchor, Arise and Align are all powerful oils to get her day started off on the right foot!

For Dad (or Uncle or Bro):

Deep Blue rub, ‘nuff said. He will be forever grateful. Guys love this rub to relieve their muscles and joints (and let’s be honest, so do moms!) Vetiver is also a fan favourite for the guys. It seriously helps with de-stressing, relieves anxious feelings, and generally chills them out. Other dude favourites include: Cedarwood, Balance, Peppermint, Serenity Softgels (for an amazing night sleep), Mito2max (for a natural and gentle energy boost), and On Guard Softgels (for immune support).

For Grandparents:

Frankincense (aka the King of oils) is a magically precious oil with anti-inflammatory properties! A Frankincense Touch roller can be used to promote restful sleep, calm inflammation in joints and help with skin conditions. This would be an incredibly calming and supportive gift for any grandparent in your life. Balance (the grounding blend) would also be amazing as it is so supportive for sleep, relaxation, and feeling connected. A diffuser would be amazing to support them with sleep accompanied with calming oils like Lavender, Serenity, or Cedarwood.

For Teens:

The adolescent years are challenging times! Stress from school and friends, they’re constantly under pressure. This is an amazing time to give them tools to help manage their emotions and help them identify their needs. I suffered from horrible cramps as a teen, Clarycalm would have been amazing for me then (I love it now!). It also helps to regulate hormones which are running wild in this age group. Wild Orange is both calming and uplifting; it smells amazing in a diffuser (another great gift idea)! Tea tree/Melaleuca for keeping skin healthy and fresh! All of the emotional aromatherapy oils + Balance + Serenity. Cheer would be a perfect pure-fume to keep the sun shining on your loved one all day long! And Motivate would be perfect for someone who needs a little kick in the pants in the morning.

For Littles:

Young kids love having their own rollers, and dōTERRA’s Touch line is safe for every member of the family! Essential oil jewelry (diffuser bracelet or necklaces) also provide them with empowering tools to manage their emotions throughout the day. My favourite oils to use for kids include: Balance, Citrus Bliss, Wild Orange, Serenity, and Peace.

For Teachers:

Another vote for the Emotional Aromatherapy line here, especially in the Touch format! Because who doesn’t need a little Peace or Console after a long day with 20+ kids! I’ll be showing my kids teachers some love this Christmas.

Make gift giving easy this year with dōTERRA and Naturally North Van! Click here to shop!


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