Let’s Talk Sunscreen…

When I was a teenager, I developed an “allergy” to sunscreen. When I applied almost any brand, I would break out in a huge rash. I thought it was the sun for a while, then PABA, then Vitamin E, but I really couldn’t figure out the root cause of my rashes. It was painful and itchy, boy I wish I knew about Lavender essential oil back then!!!

So what was really causing the irritation? Probably the dozens of toxic chemicals in my sunscreen at the time! It really could have been anything: the active ingredients, fragrance, or preservatives. I searched around for ages to find something that finally worked, and it turns out that it is one of the now-considered safer sunscreens. (In case you were wondering, it was Alba Botanicals.)

When I had kids, it was important to me to find something safe and effective for themIMG_4706 as well. Now we all use Think Baby SPF 50+! You can buy it at MEC and many online sites. Sunscreen isn’t recommended until about 6 months old so for little babies I follow these guidelines: keep them in the shade or cover them up as much as possible with a big hat and an SPF sun suit!

There is an awesome database for safe sunscreens put out by Environmental Working Group. Check out http://www.ewg.org/sunscreen/ to see how your sunscreen holds up. Do you have an awesome safe sunscreen that you love? Comment below, I’d love to hear what you’re using!

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