The Power Smart Reduction Challenge

How perfectly fitting… the week after I write an intense energy management exam, I get an email from BC Hydro letting me know that my household consumption is nearing Step 2 rates. Gasp! As an energy management professional, I should know how to keep my family’s consumption below average rates, right?! It could be the colder weather, or it could be small little wasteful behaviours that are piling up. Either way, I’m planning to use less, and here’s what I’m planning to do:

  • Use task lighting. I have a sneaking suspicion that we’ve been leaving a couple more lights on than is necessary.
  • Use natural daylighting. Some days can be dark and dreary but we’ve also been blessed with sunny stretches here in North Van. We’ve also been trying to teach our almost 3 year old that daylight is enough light to play in his room.
  • Go for walks/get out of the house. If we’re out of the house, we won’t need to use any energy in the house. We have fun outside even when it’s raining, and the kids are much calmer in nature. Win/win!
  • Unplug unused electronics when not in use. I set up my phone charger on the outlet that is attached to the light switch in my room. I just need to remember to use it!
  • Skip the heat dry on the dishwasher by unselecting the cycle and let my dishes air dry.

This little notice from BC Hydro came at a good time. We just had our one year anniversary in our condo which means that we were able to start a Team Power Smart Reduction Challenge. If we save 10% of our electricity in the next 365 days, we’ll get a $50 credit.

Have you started your Power Smart Reduction Challenge? If not, sign up here. What do you do at home to save energy?


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