What’s in my skincare products? Facial Serum Recipe (updated May 2018)

Seriously, what the heck is Methylisothiazolinone?!? In most commercial skin care products, you will find a number of ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Many of those ingredients are toxic, carcinogenic (petrolatum), hormone disruptors (parabens), or common allergens (fragrance/parfums). A survey by the David Suzuki Foundation showed that 80% of the products contained at least one toxic chemical. A list of the Dirty Dozen ingredients can be found here.

Whenever I have a question about a product that I’m considering purchasing, I often refer to the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database (US). They have a fairly comprehensive list of products that they have researched and the website
rovides a rating for each product.

I also recently discovered the free Think Dirty app which is a non-biased product comparison app that allows you to scan the barcode on your skincare products to learn about the ingredients and their toxicity. This app makes it easy to decode the ingredients and safety before you make a purchase.

Since our skin is the largest organ in our body, it absorbs what we put on it into our bloodstream. Commercial anti-aging serum’s are expensive. Everyone is looking for youthful, radiant looking skin but I can’t always afford $70 eye cream (especially
on mat leave). I love to DIY, and it is a lot cheaper than the natural alternatives. I love putting my homemade night serum on after my nightly shower (since I no longer have time to shower when I wake up, because of kids!). I use it at night so it has time to absorb nicely into the skin.

About the ingredients:

  • Rosehip seed oil: contains essential fatty acids and beneficial for healing the skin.
  • Jojoba oil: skin hydrating and good for almost all skin types.
  • Frankincense essential oil: protects skin cells, tones/lifts the skin, reduces dark spots on skin and can be used to slow signs of aging.
  • Lavender essential oil: high in antioxidants and reduces appearance of skin imperfections.

Optional add-ins:

  • Blue Tansy essential oil: aka Moroccan Chamomile is amazing for the skin (I swear I’m getting younger by the day).
  • Copaiba essential oil: this is a new one to me, but holy fountain of youth!
  • Myrrh essential oil: soothing to the skin and promotes a youthful-looking complexion.
  • Geranium essential oil: promotes a glowing, even skin tone.
  • Cedarwood essential oil: for it’s skin cleansing properties.

Want to make your own? Here’s a recipe:

DIY Facial Serum

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Print


Facial Serum

2 tbsp Jojoba Oil

1 tbsp Rosehip Seed Oil

2 Vitamin E capsules (or 1/4 tsp of Vitamin E oil)

4 drops Lavender Essential Oil

4 drops Frankincense Essential Oil

Add 2 drops of any of the following optional essential oils (whatever you have on hand):

Blue Tansy, Copaiba, Myrrh, Geranium and Cedarwood


  1. Combine ingredients in an amber glass bottle with eye dropper or pump lid.
  2. Roll the bottle to mix ingredients together.
  3. A little goes a long way, use about a 1/4 dropper full each night on face and neck.

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